Biggest Shop Safety Concerns: What They Are And How To Address Them

NHADA WCT surveyed its partners to see what their biggest safety concerns are at their shops. Fixing these concerns can limit injury at your shop or on your lot.

The NHADA Workers Compensation Trust (WCT) Loss Prevention staff work with over one hundred Trust Members to help facilitate their safety committee meetings. This assistance is available to any WCT member who requests it. An important part of these meetings is the roundtable where shop members share their safety concerns which are discussed and included in the minutes.

What do you think is the most frequently cited safety concern brought by employees?

If you guessed unsafe speed and other traffic concerns in the parking lot then you’re right! Parking lot safety is a major issue for many NHADA members.

Some of the common parking lot hazards include:

  • Excessive speed by employees and customers
  • Blind corners and intersections
  • Doorways that open into traffic
  • Parking lot used as a shortcut/cut through

Accidents in your lot can result in serious injuries and costly property damage. The NHADA WCT safety committee is an excellent forum to investigate traffic concerns and make recommendations to minimize hazards. 

Some of the more common measures include:

  • Signage for speed, identifying hazards and traffic flow patterns
  • Enforcement of speed limits by managers
  • Speed bumps to control speed
  • Use of mirrors for blind corners
  • Notify local police to curb public traffic using lot as shortcut
  • Configure vehicle inventory to lower parking lot speed by creating more turns and fewer long straightaways

Although every situation is unique, parking lot hazards are widespread among WCT members. The NHADA Loss Prevention staff recommends that members utilize them for assistance with the safety committee and have the safety committee work on ways to make the lot safer!

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