Title tips for NH Dealers

Below are some important title tips straight from the desks of the DMV Title Bureau Supervisor Priscilla Vaughan and DMV Director Elizabeth Bielecki

NHTSA issued the final rule for Odometer Disclosure Requirements, related to the change to odometer disclosure exemptions. Beginning January 1, 2020 a vehicle does not become exempt from the odometer disclosure requirements until the model year is 20 years old.

For example, currently, model year 2009 and older vehicles are exempt from the odometer disclosure requirement. Beginning January 1, 2020 model year 2009 and older vehicles will remain exempt but no additional model year vehicles will be exempt from the odometer disclosure requirement. In January 2030, model year 2010 vehicles will then become exempt.

Use of TDMV17A Assignment form-

  • Title is held by a finance source (bottom of form must be filled in naming the finance source retaining title with a copy of the title in dealer files for audit purposes).
  • A franchise dealer may use TDMV 17A during off hours when the title is not available for staff such as weekends (copy of the title should be available for audit purposes).
  • The TDMV17A is used for new buyer when the back of the title has no open assignments (full of assignments from dealer to dealer).
  • When the dealer is applying for a duplicate title and the owner competes the authorization to mail the title to dealer. The owner who is trading the vehicle in to the dealer will transfer the ownership on form TDMV17A. The dealer will forward the duplicate application to the DMV. DMV will mail title to the dealer.

Dealer cannot sell a vehicle without a title unless there is a lien on the vehicle when traded in. For example: Customer X trades in vehicle to DLR with lien DLR pays off lien and the seller uses a TDMV25A  payoff form to sell to the dealer.  The dealer will use a second TDMV25A form if a vehicle is sold before the title is delivered from the lienholder.

When applying for a duplicate title, 
Do not sell the vehicle without a title as the new buyer will not be able to register the vehicle when an application for duplicate is in process at DMV.