Eye Protection Policy

The following policy outlines the mandatory use of eye protection that service technicians must adhere to when working in the service department.

All employees must wear safety glasses when performing the following tasks:

  •   Grinding/cutting
  •   Hammering
  •   Using pneumatic tools
  •   Working underneath a vehicle
  •   Changing/mounting and balancing tires
  •   Turning rotors or drums on a brake lathe
  •   Drilling
  •   Spraying aerosols

Service Technicians must wear splash goggles or a face shield when performing the following tasks:

  •   Parts washing
  •   Pressure washing or steam cleaning
  •   Battery charging

Service Technicians must wear properly shaded goggles while cutting, welding or brazing with oxy-acetylene, and a helmet with appropriately shaded lens when welding with TIG, MIG or stick (arc rods).

Recon employees must wear safety glasses while spraying chemicals or buffing. Full face shields are recommended.

Recon employees must wear goggles or a face shield when dispensing from bulk containers and while working with wheel acid.

Most face shields may not be used alone for protection against impact or penetration. Safety glasses or goggles should be used with the face shield. The exception is any face shield that meets the standards of ANSI Z87.1 (The shield should be marked accordingly).

Failure to comply with this policy may result in disciplinary action.

Pro Tip: This policy is available for download here