Factoring Covid into your snow removal efforts

The likelihood of these “what if” scenarios is something we may have not paid much mind to in years past, but this is 2020 and anything can happen.

As I drove through a snow squall in western New Hampshire yesterday, I thought to myself what is going to happen this winter if and when municipalities plow truck drivers are in quarantine. Who will plow the roads? How many more accidents will there be on our roadways this due to prolonged unsafe driving conditions? Then my attention turned to the NHADA WCT membership.

Many NHADA WCT members have already seen how being short staffed can and will have an impact on productivity. Many businesses are already operating with a skeleton crew. This winter is likely going to present further unforeseen challenges. Businesses must be prepared for the “what if” scenario(s).

Yesterday was the time to think about your winter weather preparedness team and your game plan. The NHADA Winter Weather Preparedness Guide outlines how to assess risk, who is responsible, and how to execute of your plan.

Below are some scenarios that were not previously addressed.

What if my in-house plow truck operator is out injured, sick, or in quarantine?

If you handle the plowing of your lot in-house it is recommended you have more than one individual trained on how to safely and properly operate the plow truck. It also is a good idea to establish a relationship with a contracted company in the event your plow truck breaks down or all of your plow truck operators are unavailable.

What if my crew that clears and cleans cars is out injured, sick, or in quarantine?

If your main crew that clears and cleans cars is not fully staffed it is recommended you have additional staff trained on your process and on standby. Another option is to reach out to a “temp” employment / staffing services agency.

What if my contracted plow, salt/sand company is injured, sick or in quarantine?

If your contracted company is unavailable you could be waiting some time to take care of your lot if you are not prepared. It is recommended you check with your contracted company that they have enough staff to handle this “what if” scenario. Other options are to have your own plow truck prepared as a backup plan or have another contractor lined up.

For ideas and assistance with establishing a strong winter weather preparedness plan please contact your Loss Prevention Representative at 1-800-852-3372.