Footwear Policy

The following policy outlines the appropriate footwear that service technicians must adhere to wearing when working in the service department.

Footwear Policy

  •  Whereas work-related injuries can cost both the employer and the employee thousands of       dollars per year in lost productivity; and

  •  Whereas during spot inspections by our Workers Compensation Insurance Carrier we have been cited multiple times for employees wearing improper footwear.

Now, therefore, we will be implementing and enforcing the following footwear policy.

Technicians will be required from this day forward to wear leather or durable work shoes. Work boots are preferred, but certain “work sneakers” will be approved. Please see your Service Manager prior to purchasing these to make sure that they are approved footwear. Steel toe shoes are optional. Whatever you choose, please be sure that they maintain a professional appearance.

If you have any questions about this policy, please see your manager.

Failure to comply with this policy may result in disciplinary action.

Pro Tip: This policy is available for download here