Hiring: How you can save time and money when making new hires

Hiring mistakes negatively impact profitability. Turnover is costly, and Workers’ Compensation hiring-mistake claims can cut into the bottom line of your business. Eliminate those mistakes with NHADA Strategic Hiring Guidelines.

Thanks to your proactive NHADA Workers’ Compensation Trust Trustees, you have an opportunity to reduce both turnover costs and Workers’ Compensation claims through the implementation of the user-friendly “Strategic Hiring Guidelines” program.

There are several very important considerations related to this program. The various components of the program stand on their own, and members can determine which aspects they wish to incorporate.

From the Workers’ Compensation perspective, the implementation of drug tests and post-conditional offer, pre-placement physical examinations are cost-effective measures that will help you hire the most qualified people.

Drug testing is obvious. The pre-placement physical will help you hire the right individual for the demands of the job and identify claims that rightfully belong in the Second Injury Fund and not against your experience.

The Strategic Hiring Guidelines program has been designed with an eye towards New Hampshire and federal law. This guide is general advice. If you are seeking legal advice, please call an attorney. If you participate in the program, you will receive periodic updates in an effort to maintain compliance as laws change.

Dealerships with operations in other states will want to take steps to ensure compliance with the laws of those other states.

The Strategic Hiring Guidelines program is a new tool you can add to enhance the profitability of your business. A formal, consistent hiring process will provide substantial and measurable benefits to you.

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