How to get title and ownership records for abandoned or unclaimed vehicles

Due to the NH Driver Privacy act ownership records are no longer public. Learn which forms you need to fill out to view these records.

Effective January 1, 1997, motor vehicle title and ownership records and information are no longer public record due to the New Hampshire Driver Privacy Act. Any individual or company seeking title and ownership records for the purposes of the Abandoned and/or Unclaimed Vehicle (RSA 262:32-36a) must complete and submit a DSMV 505 form, a Certificate of Authority and a TDMV 71.

On the DSMV 505 form, in section IV, please check off the box “Intended Use of Information for Providing Notice to the Owner of a Towed or Impounded Vehicle”. There is no in-state required fee. There is an out-of-state required fee of $20.00 per request.

The Certificate of Authority consists of a letter on company letterhead listing the names of those individuals from your company who are authorized to receive this information or record. The letter must be typed and signed by the owner of the company.

The TDMV 109 form (Notice of Compliance), TDMV 19A (Verification of VIN) and the TDMV 22A (Report of Sale of Transfer of a Non-Titled Motor Vehicle) must be completed and given to the new buyer of the vehicle. Please do not submit them to this office at this time.

If you have any questions please call the Title Bureau at (603) 227-4160. They will be happy to assist you.