NH Attorney General Consumer Source Book

Access to the Consumer Source book provides essential information to New Hampshire consumers to better understand the marketplace. This resource that can help citizens make informed purchasing decisions.

Living in New Hampshire offers unique opportunities to enjoy a quality of life that has been lost in many other places while still having access to the vast majority of benefits that the marketplace offers to twenty-first century Americans.

Unfortunately, New Hampshire consumers need effective protection from some of the dangers and risks that the marketplace presents. In the pages that follow you will find that we have provided some general information about the laws that apply to a variety of consumer transactions, some examples of how the law might apply to a situation, some points to keep in mind if you find yourself in similar circumstances and some ideas for where to turn for more help. The Sourcebook is not intended to give you legal advice, but whenever possible we have described the laws and legal concepts that apply to the purchase of many goods and services in simple, direct terms.

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