How To Return NHOST Unused Backers

An NHOST email was sent out to all NHOST units that indicated a self-addressed envelope would be included in your first sticker form shipment. However, a change has been made to this procedure

A change has been made to this procedure. The envelope for returning backers will not be in the first shipment of sticker forms, but will instead be sent to your station after January 1st. Once you receive this envelope, simply place all backers in the envelope and seal it and put the envelope in the US mail. In this way the backers will be returned to Gordon Darby for final inventory reconciliation.

It is very important that you return all unused backers to ensure you do not incur any charges for this inventory. Please verify in the sticker inventory screen of your unit, that you are returning all available backers. If your actual inventory is different than the tracked unit inventory, please call the helpline to have a technician walk you through the steps required to adjust your inventory.

To check backer inventory:

1. From Main Menu click on "Administrative Tools"
2. Then click on "Sticker Tools"
3. Next click "Sticker Inventory" and sign in
4. Uncheck the box that says "Select All"
5. Click on "At Station - Active" and this selection will turn blue
6. Change "Sticker Type" to "Backers"
7. Click "View Inventory" and a list of all the active backers at your station will appear on the screen.
8. This list can then be printed by simply clicking the "Print" button

If you have any questions, please contact the NHOST Help Line at 1-800-383-4124.