Parts Department Self-Audit Checklist

Please use this checklist as a self-audit for your parts department.


1. Is proper footwear worn in the parts department?
2. Are Safety Data Sheets (SDS’s) compiled, current, and posted in an
accessible location?
3. Is there someone certified for Hazmat shipping & receiving?
4. Is a warning sign posted in areas with low head clearances?
5. Is protective padding placed in areas with low head clearances?
6. Is every open-sided floor or mezzanine greater than four feet above ground level equipped with a standard guardrail on each exposed side, except the entrance?
7. Are toe boards installed around the edges of permanent floor openings or platforms that employees may pass under?
8. Does every stairway having four or more risers have a handrail?
9. Are ladders sturdy, free of defects, and equipped with safety feet?
10. Are heavier objects kept on lower shelves for easy handling?
11. Are parts prohibited from being stored on stairs?
12. Are cushioned floor mats provided for parts counter employees who are required to stand for long periods of time?
13. Are delivery employees required to wear seat belts?
14. Have all delivery employees attended Defensive Driving Training?
15. Are all delivery employees prohibited from using cell phones, eating, or using head phones while driving?
16. Are plastic sleeves protecting the fluorescent light bulbs used in the parts dept.?
17. Are electrical cords prohibited from running across office aisles and through doorways?
18. Are extension cords prohibited where permanent wiring should be used?
19. Are all emergency lights functioning and tested regularly?
20. Are portable fire extinguishers:
       a. Fully charged, mounted, identified, and accessible?
       b. Of proper type for the hazard i.e.,
            A – for normal combustibles;
            B - for flammable liquids; and
            C - for electrical fires
       c. Inspected and services at least annually?
       d. Mounted within 50 feet of one another?
21. Are exits and their paths marked, unobstructed, and doors unlocked?
22. Are all exits posted “EXIT” with fluorescent 6 inch lettered signs?
23. Are doors which can be mistaken as an exit posted “NOT AN EXIT”?
24. If fork lift trucks are used:
       a. Is training conducted?
       b. Is training current?
       c. Are untrained employees prohibited to operate?
       d. Is an overhead cage guard in place?
       e. Is there a seat belt?
       f. Is the horn functional?
       g. Is there an operable back up alarm?
       h. Are regular inspections and maintenance conducted?
       i. Are regular inspection and maintenance records kept on file?

Pro Tip: This checklist is available for download here