Sample Test Drive Policy for Motorcycle Dealerships

This is a sample test drive policy for motorcycle dealerships.

XYZ Company

Test Ride Policy

  • Operator must wear a D.O.T. approved helmet
  • Operator must wear eye protection
  • Confirm that bike is registered or legally certified for public roads
  • Operator must obey the speed limit at all times
  • Do not leave the test ride route
  • The test ride route is:
    • (Fill in a predetermined test ride route for your facility)
  • If there is an accident call 911, then call the service manager at 603-555-1212, cell phone 603-555-1212
  • If there is a break down, call the service manager
  • Winter Test Ride Route: Since winter conditions change on a daily basis, the best route will be determined by the service manager or the shop supervisor during inclement weather or in questionable road conditions.

    By signing this form, I agree to follow the terms of the XYZ Company Test Ride Policy

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